E-mail me when people reply to my comments. If you do not hear any noticeable differences, then buy any card you like. Steam names the best-selling games of It will be an optical digital connection for interfacing with many digital consumer audio products like a minidisc recorder. In my opinion, fps measurement for sound cards has no practical sense, since the sound quality matters much more for creating realistic and fascinating atmosphere then some hardly noticeable losses in speed and fluency of a game.

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The signal was taken from theaher and analog outputs of the Live! Let’s turn to its structure chart:. It will be an optical digital connection for interfacing with many digital consumer audio products like a minidisc recorder. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

And volume should be regulated via the Master Volume. For more insight into the specifics of each entry, check out the Speaker Buying Guidewhich carefully breaks down each specification and what it means in the context of this system.

Specifications – ABIT SP50 Home Theater Speakers & AU10 Sound Card

In general, it’s rather good variant for a home computer system. On the ends it has golden minijacks of a Taiwanese manufacturer.


Anyway, it’s for you to make a choice. The card can be connected only with those computer speaker sets and receivers which have 5. Positioning in the DirectSound3D was very good. Theatdr in analog mode, the difference from homw digital mode of the Live! But if you are not sure in managing it, better do not do it. This of course doesn’t concern vivid distortions in sounding such as sound “drop out” on the Vortex2.

The main advantage is its price.

In addition, if a longer cable than what is included is needed, standard speaker cable could be soldered onto an RCA plug and then cut to length. Newest comments shown first.

If you want to repeat the measurements I recommend to download the latest version of this program from www. Here, it’s vice versa. Connection The layout of the external and internal connectors:. Besides, speed is more important in dynamic games, while in strategies and quests it’s not a critical value.

Installation The drivers hpme supplied on a CD in 12 languages. Customize The Tech Report All these differences were heard with rather good audio equipment. Exactly for checking sound quality claimed for AU10 interfaces A3D 1. Write a comment below. Finally, the MIDI interface requires an additional adapter that is not packaged with the card.


Abit Home Theater AU10

Log in Don’t have an account? Unfortunately, we can’t test all sound cards on all versions of their drivers theatet all game programs. Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff!

But considering your high interest to this issue we will pay now more attention. The total results don’t change with it. The user manual provides some guidance, but beyond getting across the general idea of making the connections to ua10 bottom six RCA jacks, it does not decipher what the labels on the system mean.

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Then you won’t bother with manual switching on the exterior sound-reproducing part of ablt track with variety of analog cables. The sample we have received has no digital connectors for external devices and it decodes the Dolby Digital 5.