A lot of people want to stream their gameplay nowadays and most of them do not have the technical knowledge to fiddle with the different streaming options. Just be sure that you have a fairly powerful system to accommodate it. Every capture card on this list supports. The LGX is pretty fast in terms of performance and you get a consistent and reliable 60 frames per second at the Full HD resolution. The capture card supports Windows 10 and will work flawlessly with Ryzen-based machines, and has a very clean, sleek design.

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You see where I am going with this? While its features are limited, the software bundled with it is rather nice compared to competing products, and the aesthetic design of the capture card is unique.

The Best external GPU. In terms of performance, the Ripsaw is able to stream at a consistent 60fps at p resolution. All online orders and payments are valid for our members only.

Video Capture Frame Grabber

Learn more about Capture Cards on Wikipedia. Because it uses the new USB 3. Priced around the same as many other offerings on our list, the Intensity Pro 4K is your foray into professional hardware and a perfecting starting point.

The setup is simple, it has a clean design, and gideo captures your games painlessly. This is perfect if you want to see a lag-free footage of your stream in real-time.


Anyway, the HD60S has its own software and it is pretty much streamlined that even the novice streamer can understand. Game capture cards csrd more versatility and give you more performance vvideo what is already inside your game console. An external game capture card is portable, but it is not as powerful as the internal capture card. Well, if you want to use a more robust streaming software like OBS, for example, you can pretty much do so since it is supported by the LGX.

It is actually a pretty fun experience and it can be addictive as well.

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Through IE realize such perfect network management functions as remote spot monitoring, remote historical playback, remote spot video recording, remote historical video recording, etc. They alleviate the stress from your game console and PC by taking on the brunt of the work.

The Elgato Game Capture HD 60 Pro is a handful to say, but it equally has a handful of features that you will truly want in a capture card.

You can also record your footage and edit it as you so desire. You can find our Capture Card Reviews below the table.

Razer is a well-known brand when it comes to gaming peripherals. Setting up motion detection area discretionarily, the sensitivity is adjustable.

Easy setup, understated design, PS3 gaming cable included for PS3 streaming. The Razer Ripsaw is their take on the game capture card and it is pretty good.

To truly bring out the best in every game capture card, you need to know some tips. Returning to this list once again is AVerMedia, who have their feet planted firmly in vldeo capture card community.


You have to set up everything properly; from the necessary cables and inputs to the software settings. Not compatible with Mac, fapture another streaming software instead of their own. If you want more functionality, then you should definitely use either of the popular streaming applications. The software is straightforward and captre can even add some preloaded overlays czpture you can even add your own.

Sans for one mark: You can plug in your favorite music player so caapture can add in some music while you stream and you can also speak via your microphone using the analog input. Do not worry, the LGX is able to save both the audio and your voice recording in separate files for easy editing later. The card is beautiful in design, easy to work with, uses the faster USB 3.

It has pretty good aesthetics and it has a relatively light form factor as well. This money is not wasted, however, as you get a durable, powerful adversary for your streaming.