I Outline Chapter 3 Inputting Text This chapter explains how to input text for names and descriptions. You can select from the following four settings. Should you wish to disable IPP, deselect the option box. Maximum Message Size Network Setup List

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Touch the [OK] key on the condition selection screen. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Selecting the Destination This is the item title. Have you worked with Vista before? Inputting Text] If you register a body, the body can be used from the [Message body] screen. Resetting the Network Function Re-boot only the network function to enable the newly set parameter values.

Password This sets the password used for connecting to the POP server. Scan Density Scan Density This sets the scanning density.

Select the registration item.

Are you in United States? For more information, please contact Konica Minolta customer service or service provider. Windows 10 October Update. Multiple destinations can be selected.

Konica Minolta 7235 Network Setup Manual

The default settings selected here can be changed by the user when using the LDAP search function. Each time touching the [EDIT] key, the selected item toggles in the following order: Auto Reset Timer Make sure you plug in the DNS information on the copier or this won’t work.


Should you wish to disable SMTP, deselect the option box. Method for Setting Network from Control Panel If a password is set, the key operator’s password input screen is displayed.

These settings are made with the [Scanner mode basic] screen on the LCD screen. The factory default is [E-Mail]. For details on character input, refer to [ If the methods in this chapter do not solve the problem, please contact your service representative.

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Or alternatively you can use any FTP server software you prefer. Up to 26 half-width characters 13 full-width characters can be input as a file name. Clicking [Clear] aborts all settings input up to this point.

Each touch of the key will extend the timeout setting by 30 seconds, with a maximum value of seconds. User mail address Enter the user ID with the ten-key on the control panel.

Scan Quality This changes the default value for the scanner resolution.


Konica Minolta 7235 User Manual

Scanning Documents Reading in folded documents Folded Orignal This is set when a document with a fold is set on the RADF and the document fold is so far up and can- not be scanned in at all. Create and manage the tone curves for print density adjustment.

To enable binary division.

Resident in the user’s PC task tray, this app monitors and notifies printing statuses of devices. Chapter 9 Appendix V Appendix Chapter 9 Appendix This appendix contains product specifications konics the network scanner.

Printer Name This is the printer network interface card name used on the AppleTalk network. Chapter 7 When There is Trouble with the Scanner This chapter explains what to do if problems occur with scanner functions.