His father was there, who had become immortal. It has also been shown that she has taken his place before although only as zero. The way Orange reacts is also a good indicator that lelouch is not dead as well as marianne not being dead. That was why he smiled in the end” also the Nunnally scene is explained by the site as well, stating her blindness can see through peoples hearts.. C has given her memories to Lelouch.

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Talk:Lelouch Lamperouge

I found an interview on a blog, where a question was asked regarding the cart driver. There’s so much more evidence that Lelouch is alive than that he is dead. Lelouch did die when he was killed by the new “Zero”. I’m sorry zero requiem but you’re just trying to take vague lellouch and pass them off as undeniable proof. I’ve read this interview.

The Real Ending to Code Geass

Views Read Edit New section View history. I don’t care how ambiguous Okouchi was, the fact of the matter is if the website says he’s dead, we say he’s dead. Also people talk to the dead out loud sometimes like that.

He couldn’t diefor Nunnally as well. Emphasizing the cart waton just continually hints that he could be the Lelouch, whereas the actual scene doesn’t put very much emphasis on him at all.


Knowing that he will live on while everyone he know gets old and die. To avoid too much repetition I will only copy the explanation of the Zero Requiem: This doesn’t even serve a real worthy debate or discussion anymore because all possible sources and alternatives have been said and done.

If it’s confirmed officially, no matter what you or any other heartbroken fan thinks, Lelouch is dead. And, atoning for his sin of lelkuch his father by becoming Zero and devoting himself to world peace.

Found this argument s on the net: Lelouch traspassed his memories to Nunally before “die” I wagoh cut out any mention of the cart driver as that seems to almost unfairly hint that Lelouch is alive. It just simply is what it said.

The second season is titled R2 R. I might be more tolerant if you were to change to wording to something like, “In continue 42, when discussing Lelouch’s death, conversation seems to imply that Lelouch did indeed die.

Talk:Lelouch vi Britannia | Code Geass Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

If you’re talking about the continue 42 okouchi interview that people seem to be pushing as proof these days, you should actually try reading it. I think we got a fanboy R2 This is my take on what happened, I just finished watching the entire series tonight.

C, I think she would mean never being able to pass on, since that was even her wish. Of course “Lelouch Vi Brittania” would be listed as dead because hes dead to the world whether he goes on with CC or actually died there. So, this is not a tragedy. His life wasn’t meaningless. Second, Lelouch has killed his father, so technically that should give him his fathers code, as Charels gained his code by killing V.


Okouchi, in sagon question, is very VERY obviously using the term ‘story’ in the same way as ‘saga’, ‘journey’, ‘life’. The Real Ending to Code Geass.

The Real Ending to Code Geass – Forums –

I would like to direct reference the interview in lieu of the whole statement, but since leliuch seem to be finding every means possible to discredit my information, I can’t use a translated quote. This post also scrutinizes the fan theory which assumes that Lelouch has the code and shows where and how the anime itself contradicts the theory’s points. The code doesn’t appear to activate until someone dies.

He may be the head writer, but what he says is not the end-all-be-all of what is canon in Geass.