Alesis IO2 Express – Class complient. Yes, for some reason the forum software considered it spam. If it crashes with ‘firewire ERR: Having trouble installing a piece of hardware? But I think a newer version of jackd fixed it. Upon installing Ubuntu Studio, if the default driver is not good enough for your needs, you will have the option to install a non-free proprietary driver, if such are available. For audio devices, have a look at Introduction to audio Network Devices Most common network devices work out of the box on any Ubuntu flavor.

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Yes, almost all the music production apps are jackified.

Even better, there is KXstudio, a specialiased audio distro. Else, try increasing your frame size for instance.

Extending it to the io26 isn’t probably that hard. Thanks for the answers and tips, they gave me clues to get more tips and tricks here and there. Ip have an IO2 Express that works quite well.

Graphic Cards Most graphic cards have very good support out of the box. I tried a lot with the preferences etc but… regards erik stunkat. I started it in verbose mode now, and get a lot of output like this:.


I own such a device, got it working with the latest SVN version. Hope this support changes quickly becouse i really got enough of bill gates I would love to help development in any way I can, where is the right place do that?

In fact everything I needed seemed to come with it. There are 2 alesiw questions: There is one strange thing: I tried to check with your settings, awwaid – but I get these error messages:.

[SOLVED] Alesis io2 Express + JACK – n00b needs help.

It should be noted that the programming information is only part of the solution – albeit a significant one. Ubuntustudio has very good support in its users mailing list. Starting the Audio application in my case Mixbus 3.

Whatever the qjackctl parameters I enter there is a delay between the plucking of the string and the sound. Replace the waf configure cmdline from: I’m also curious as to what kernel, distro and version of libraw and jack you are using?

Alesis iO2 Express

Asrock 4core dualsata2 rev 2. Ubuntu now has what is referred to as Alsa Firewire Stack which are kernel modules that are loaded into the operating system when you boot Ubuntu.


My only experience with software effects processing is Guitar Rig 5. My IO2 card is Ubuntu compatible and seems to be recognized as prooves aplay -l: We already have fair support for ljnux io I have Firewire with Texas chip. Liinux is also a sound server that works on top of ALSA, so when you start up jack pulse is suspended. I found akesis card in the input device drop-down in the setup and managed to route the mic to the output to see if it works, and it does!!!

I tried to check with your settings, awwaid – but I get these error messages: Fedora 6, Ubuntu 7. Huge thanks to ffado people for working on Dice based firewire cards like Alesis!

As I said previously I run a realtime kernel.

Page History Login to edit. Additionally, I never succeeded recording with the microphone through the Alesis this was also working in Slackware.