This allows computer s to connect to network resources in a DOS environment. The LineSpeed keyword requires a decimal number and of either 10, , or This allows computer s to connect to network resources in a DOS environment. The LineSpeed keyword is used to force the speed of the network connection. Supports the 32 bits IBM token ring Cardbus adapter.

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This is for the version 4.

Broadcom NetXtreme Ethernet Controller Driver 15.0.1 for DOS NDIS2

This image is intended for LOM application. To program monolithic image to the adapter, perform the following: Created by Victor Grund, updated using info from Jeff Bogari.

This module should be programmed on the motherboard’s BIOS. With IC Chip from Digital. Created by Ken Wygant. You can download these patches from: However, MBA can be forced to a specific speed.

Problems using Ghost with a Broadcom Gigabit NIC

Similarly, Red Hat 7. For the sake of simplicity, the driver performs auto-negotiation when the line speed is set to a value of In this version, it prompts you to insert a driver disk for drivers that are not part of the standard distribution.


Created by Allard Sijm. This module should be programmed on on the motherboard’s BIOS. After creating the startup disk, follow the instructions in Modifying the Startup Disk.

PXE Driver: Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Adapter User’s Guide

Specifies the network address used by the network adapter. When the Duplex keyword is used, the LineSpeed keyword must also be used. These two images can be found on the CD disk 1: Created by Art Heimsoth.

UDMA will test its functionality, and will not load, if it doesn’t find compatible hardware. Multiple Agent drivers are released in the following binaries:. Created by Shane Brooks. Created by Craig Setera. Driver file now v1. Setup the BIOS for the boot order. However, an adapter programmed with this image is still operational in the motherboard’s BIOS with built-in BC; the Brooadcom on the adapter will not be used.

The enabler uses IRQ 11 and port h. These keywords, BusNumDevNumand FuncNum or PortNumare needed when multiple adapters are installed in the system and when a specific controller must etherner loaded in a certain order. Is supposed to cover the 16bits pcmcia token ring cards.


Problems using Ghost with a Broadcom Gigabit NIC

Create the appropriate Autoexec. These files are located on the installation CD.

If a multicast address or a broadcast address is specified, the adapter uses the default MAC address. This provides flexibility to users on different environments where the motherboard may or may not have built-in base-code. If it does not support BBS, then it will use Int18h instead. If 2 or more adapters that have a good link have the same Device ID, the NDIS2 driver software loads on the adapter that is located in the slot having the lowest bus number.