And that’s a problem when you are trying to find ebooks for an older ereader that may or may not support DRM. B 24 January, Hi — all of my books were deleted during a download but I managed to get them back with a resync. On some books I can not change the font, I can zoom, but that is not very practical. The Kobo app supported the older models?

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Press and hold a title in library view to bring up more options.

I was tearing me hair out trying to get it to work. It does a good job of removing DRM, which is handy when you buy a book intended for Kindle and want to read it on a Sony or Nook.

Sony Reader PRS-T1 Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts, and How To’s | The eBook Reader Blog

Those instructions can also be used for some other old ebook readers. Aubrey May 15, at 5: Improvements of PRS vs. Laura June 13, at 2: Alice January 5, at 2: Eddie September 21, at 9: This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat Hi — all of my books were deleted during a download but I managed to get them back with a resync.


If clibre glossy frame of the PRS-T1 is calibbre, you can always install a skin to cover the glossiness.

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The extra apps also increase boot time considerably. Most people use Calibre instead. He fixes author sites, and shares what he learns on The Digital Reader’s blog.

Since I am still learning it, I really need it. From there you can also turn the message that appears on the screensavers on and off. How to change language settings please.

Sony Reader PRS-T1 Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts, and How To’s

Zony Kobo app supported the older models? Paul February 16, at 9: Double Life Mountain PlayStation marketing. One should always perform a hard reset before junking a device, because sometimes that will revive it.

If you have one of those older models, or if you have another old ereader, then you have the choice of either buying DRM-free ebooks or checking to see if your device supports DRM.


Views Read Edit View history. Recently when I press the next page button, it has been jumping forward, 2 pages, as if i had clicked it twice. Sony Pictures Television animaxtv.

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Nathan March 15, at 3: Questions tagged [sony-prs-t1] Callbre Question. Let’s look at the Sony Reader as an example. Chris February 7, at 5: Its touchscreen supports zoom in and out, look up in dictionary and adding notes. Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt.

Click the icon in the lower right corner second from the left to export the notes as an RTF file. Can somebody help me, preferably by telephone and go through it with me.

I found out about this trick after I had thrown out my old Sony.