Thu Dec 28, 8: I have the latest drivers from Hauppauge’s website. Mon Dec 25, 1: If the uninstallation would work all you have to do is start DScaler a second time, not even a reboot is needed. Are there specific entries in registry? Ok, this can be.

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So what’s the deal here? As Tom explained, this choice has an impact on SleepInterval setting but not only threads priority too.

[SOLVED] Failed to Load Hardware Monitor Driver

I have a vboxavermedia m The important part is “Service does not exist”, this is ofcourse because you manually deleted the driver from the command-line. It just skips up to the next higher one so IIRC 6 will really get you all the way to 9. So my guess is that your Celeron is only slightly slower than you would need to run both adaptive noise and the new deinterlacer.

A compiled version can be downloaded here for testing: But could you send me a compiled exe-only with the out-commented lines? Using temporal comb did not affect my ability to use 5 in hardwars or the stuttering one way or the other. Laurent Garnier is offline. Sun Dec 31, 6: It seems that for some reason DScaler is unable to remove the driver.


Download Driver Easy to fix this error!

DScaler :: View topic – Can’t load hardware driver, corrupt installation?

Install drivers with another method You can just bypass this error by installing drivers using a different method. Ok, this can be. Yeah, everything else is fine on my machine. The first run after you have done the hadware the log file should show something like this: Any faster type of motion causes flickering horizontal stripes made up of earlier frames.

[SOLVED] Failed to Load Hardware Monitor Driver – Driver Easy

Yea, isnt working for me aswell. It is possible that there are dsccaler files or configurations in your Windows system that result in the error.

I also turn off JudderTerminator on my 60 hz display.

Unfortunately I was not able to solve it. Originally posted by trbarry I posted the following a couple months ago but I’ll drag it back up here since we need all the power possible to do mocomp.


Wed Apr 09, Download and Install Driver Easy. To a folder with an old version of Dscaler or to the folder that contains DScaler 4. Which one is ‘tuner2’? Reboot and try again. Can you please do the following to find the cause of the problem? What bothers me is that the beta Dscaler 4 works just ahrdware. DScaler stays open and doesn’t give me overlay errors anymore though, so this is an awesome step forward Thanks a lot.

I have previously run a DScaler4 alpha developer release and a v3. Has anyone else experienced this bazaar behavior??? Where does this point to?

Right-click on the driver and choose Properties.