The first versions only had manual film pulldown selction. In other words, it handles only the video files that it creates itself for this purpose. Web Design by Studio7designs. This will never be complete so feel free to drop us an email reporting your experience with DScaler and your card. Getting It Working 1. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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Some information from the Dvd Faq.

DSCaler settings (and video games)

Sun Jun 27, Any help is welcome. Despite having a very powerful system, I still get some dropped frames? DSCaler settings and video games 12 posts. Even low-end cards can support s-video input dscaker line-in for stereo audio, so make sure to check before you buy some card that only supports composite or mono. These versions are not recommended generally and are only supported via the developers mailing list.

Among them was John Adcock. Yep, Hauppauge PCI card. Sound from the tuner is not always supported and adding this for a lot of cards is not a developement priority. If you are unsure if your card is supported, you sscaler find the chipset on Google or just ask. Sat Jun 26, 2: See Support for how to get support for DScaler.


Try it out like that: However, some users ahve reported that they are able to use their PCI card successfully and without dropped frames. So you can stop messing around with them. My picture jumps up and down?

Audio input is nice and often included, but not necessary; without it, you can just send the audio from your console directly to your sound card and use it to record the audio. The other alternative is to buy a faster PC.

Reeboot and when the card now pops up and asks for an installation, ignore. If you still get some message about e.

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If you want, you can also tweak all sorts of previously unavailable internal card settings to achieve the best picture or performance possible. See the ” How can I help ” section.

Supporting others chipsets, while feasable, means some hard work and some solid knowledge of those chipsets. Can I record video to my hard disk with DScaler? If your card came with a remote control, you can use software like EventGhost to control DScaler.

Apparently my card has worked for other people with dscaler from what I have read in previous threads around here, however in my situation, when I attempt to start dscaler, it opens the program, flashes a window that reads: Also be aware that the change in the backend to support 4K might slow the application down on low end systems.


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There is no material that is knowingly harvware here. These chips are easy to program there has been A LOT of software based on those and are very cheap. Recently it did work, but then I did a lot of test with 2 different TV cards and A and different drivers.

Now when I install DScaler 1. Any idea what that is and how to address it. Sat Jun 26, 3: The test downloads can be found here. Can I remote control DScaler?

While it is feasible and works quite well see the “DScaler Windvd challenge” in the screenshots sectionhome theatre PC’s have shown the best results while using dvd decoding software along with a dvd-rom and a modern graphics card.