What was the best tech product of ? As you can see by the picture, the only thing that adding DVI-out support requires is a DVI-out port, a cheap add on from any manufacturer’s perspective. The confusion is actually caused by the Guillemot Corporation, since it sells the Hercules brand. Log in Don’t have an account? Their Voodoo graphics cards also surface under the brand STB at individual retailers – mainly because in each case the manufacturer failed to explain the details of the acquisition to the distributors. Keeping up with the times, Guillemot has joined the masses and unleashed its brave new warrior into the world.

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Early in the days of AnandTech, Hercules quickly gained respect around the lab as a quality manufacturer. Making use of the 2nd generation transform and lighting engines that the GGTS II architecture makes possible, the Prophet II boasts some impressive results when run through the gauntlet of benchmarking tests.

It’s a great interface that has all the features you expect from a DVD utility.

The motivation behind Guillemot’s investment: I was able to overclock the core to Mhz, the ram gave much greater overclocking results, I was able to take the RAM all the fts up to Mhz, above this speed this actually caused slowdowns in 3dmark and other games, just the same as I found with the Hercules Ultra.

I like this card a lot and it makes you question whether of not the Ultra really worth the extra, having said that the Ultra is that bit faster, and offers DVI output as well, For the Ultimate gaming computer the Ultra is still the way to go, but the Pro is nearly on the same level in most of the games, so it is ideal, for those not quite so fanatical about those extra few 3dmarks or FPS.


Guillemot/Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS 64MB GeForce 2 GTS

A few readers have already informed us about the somewhat different brand names of this graphics card. Hercules used to be an independent company with financial problems, that filed for bankruptcy in August Subscribe to our newsletter. Both cards do not come with any video input or output. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. In case of Creative the only consolation is that the lack of features saves the consumer some money.

Blue Wonder? The Guillemot/Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS

Here are the results of the test:. What you won’t be able to do, however, is use the DVI-out. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

The heat caused by the higher clock rates that these cards are capable of is sometimes the bearer of untimely lockups, but the heatsinks provided here should help minimize that problem. Despite the high price of GeForce2 graphics cards, the first manufacturers are now even offering luxury versions. Upon the acquisition, Guillemot took full control over Hercules’ name, striping the remains of the former powerhouse and assimilating it into the lower regarded Guillemot company.

I popped in Aliens, and was suitably impressed with the clarity, especially in fast action sequences, and in scenes with deep blacks. So without further ado, the numbers:. For a few individual chips this strategy succeeded, but the other chips received harsh criticism from various test labs and customers. This is a gaming site, so no matter how nice your DVDs play on this card, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t able to bust out those insane resolutions and framerates, something important if you’re spending the amount of money that you are on this card.


While it’s not as fast as the 3D Prophet II Ultra, and the memory bandwidth isn’t quite as high, it’s still a ridiculous amount of power to be pumping through your computer.

Full Scene Anti-Aliasing Page The differences at this resolution aren’t as marked because the CPU is limiting the card in the lower resolutions, but with the CPU at Mhz the top score is still Sorry kids, that’s only with the more expensive Ultra version. Below is a table containing the most important characteristics of all GeForce2 graphics cards.

Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS 64MB Review – IGN

We will investigate in the overclocking section the advantages of these heatsinks, if any. Hercules boasts that its heatsinks have been crafted to allow the fastest speeds possible for the card, and if you watch the thing in action, you’ll be surprised that the card just doesn’t lift the computer off the ground with its sheer wind-power. For them, another selection may be more sound.

However, you might encounter a few bandwidth problems. Quake 3 Arena Page 8: All uercules performed with MadOnion. Since brand name recognition plays a substantial role in consumer purchase, Guillemot was able to gain a whole new image.

While few games exist today that can utilize the kind of raw power that a card like this commands, many are warming up in the bullpen.