Me February 25, at 9: I love free stuff. It’s possible that, if using re-injection the router detects it and change channel. Admin, Thanks again for the feedback. Read the “I am bored” part for an idea of how long it may take Not as nice as it could be if a few little tweaks were made to the software, but for a free product it remains the best WiFi sniffer for Mac OS X.

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KisMAC and AirPort – A Match Made in Heaven (Almost)

I want use kismac to break my WEP wireless password with my MacBook Pro, but when I go to the step that want to inject packets it’s doesn’t do anything! Anonymous July 23, at Do you want GB? Anonymous September 22, at 7: Hi there It’s my first time trying to crack a WEP encrypted network.

This page was last edited on 1 Decemberat What follows is an airpor look at why disabling low data rates is a bad idea.

Admin May 7, at 8: Your Asus is not extremee “cracking too” it’s a Network Adapter” it only transmit data. If you still can’t figure it out, send me the dumpfile, I’ll take a look at it. It’s the best help you can get. So Kismac recognizes it but will not connect to it in Preferences. Not as nice as it could be if a few little tweaks were made to the software, but for a free product it remains the best WiFi kimac for Mac OS X.


I’ve had some luck with packet injection through bettercap on Linux with my mac, but most of the time it doesn’t work.

KisMAC + Airport/Airport Extreme in Passive Mode (Now Possible!)

It will NOT be published. I’ve already deleted “org. I plan on working my way through most of the rest of your blog over ne next week as things like this fasinates me. Try both passive and re-injection and see if you detect a change.

However, now I’m having some more problems: What is different between 40bit with bit? Me July 24, at 1: Anonymous June 14, at Any idea why this is? Channels 12,13,14 are not used in the US.

At least you can return the USB at no fees if not working. Is this truly just due to the lack of activity on the wep network? Is it possible to capture 4-way handshakes with this chipset using Kismac?

Obviously I was totally wrong in doing that so where am I supposed to enter that key? What did I do wrong? Pages with URL errors Pages using deprecated image qirport All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Do you know if it is a very dense network grid?


macos – Use MacBook Pro airport for injection with kismac – Super User

Admin March 5, at 7: The Card that I recomend is cheaper than the Hawking and has extrmee times more juice. Snow Leopard – Do newer MBP’s, like a one, support packet injection? If I were to crack your network and penetrate your computer, you’ll probably be furious against me.