Perform steps 1 and 2. Any cartridge errors, such as Defective Cartridge, are posted. Remove the three screws A securing the exit guide. To exit diagnostics mode, press the STOP button or the back button. PageManager USB attach on Remove the paper from the ADF. Loading paper and original do

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The skew page prints out. While lifting the scanner lid up, lift the rear cover, unhook it from the scanner top and x340/x3440n/x342n frame at the bottom and remove. Inspect the paper present and paper position sensors on the ADF. Slide the fuser out just enough to access the screw holding the sensor.

Lexmark X340 User Manual

dcan Defective input sensor Diagnostic information XXX Disconnects on the controller card Always print a page from each paper source following a repair action. Using a small shank screwdriver, remove the screw A behind the ACM auto compensator pivot that holds the paper sensor in place.

Remove four screws A that secure the top cover to the printer frame. Install machine covers when you are not working on the machine, and do not put unprotected ESD-sensitive parts on a table. If they are correct, replace the malfunctioning sensor. Use the ADF for multiple—page documents. Front output tray Front output tray The front output tray should be used to output plain paper only.


Connecting over a network is only available on the Xn. Contact your second level support to obtain the latest firmware build. Flex, fan, and straighten paper before you load it.

Lexmark-x340-x340n-x342n/Drivers/Scan/Vegas.inf Driver File Contents (Lexmark-x340-x340n-x342n.zip)

Access the scanner glass. Continue pressing Menu and until each screen lexmzrk information is obtained. While cleaning the inside of the MFP, be careful not to touch the transfer roller located under the toner cartridge. Press to navigate down the current active menu.

If they are worn, replace them. Perform the follow steps to clear the phonebook entries: Page 29 Holding the tray on a stable surface, press the guide lock, and slide the scn guide until it locks at the paper length you want.


Push and release the tabs B on both sides of the rear cover. When x304/x340n/x342n desired count is displayed, press. Optional memory, flash memory, and Lexmark solution cards are not supported on these devices. Press and release the Menu key.


Verify lemxark V dc on pins 9 and 10 at connector CN Don’t have an account? The right margin is set automatically when the left margin is set. Remove upper right cover. Setup steps may vary depending on your country or region. Page 64 To remove the toner cartridge: Loading is displayed on the operator panel.

The cursor advances to the right when a digit is entered.

Check with one probe on the connector pin and the other on the ground plane of the card found at each screw head. While prying the rear cover back, slide the modem card down, and remove the modem card from the MFP. When reattaching the network card, attach the card to the rear plate and stand off before inserting the 4 connecting pins into J44 on the controller card.


Resistance measures approximately K ohms when cool and 1.