Using the expected returns, volatilities and cross correlations of the different assets, we can construct an efficient frontier, representing portfolios for which the expected return is maximised for a given level of risk. The strengthening dollar also exercises a mild downward pull on gold prices. The equation also highlights the fact that whilst the current price of gold is comparatively high, the adjustment back to equilibrium could take place via a rise in the general price level, rather than a fall in the nominal value of gold. Having established the long run relationship driving the price of gold over the very long term, the short-run part of the equation seeks to capture the factors responsible for the significant deviation between movements in the gold price and the price level observed historically. Change Ln Gold price. Equities 5 2 3 4. The modelling approach suggests that all of the factors outlined above are significant short-run influences on the gold price and that shocks to the gold price tend to wear off relatively slowly.

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As such, we have adopted the long run model that is consistent with academic literature, and assumed that the gold price and general price level move together in a one-for-one relationship: This policy also bears down on equity prices which perform notably worse on a relative basis than in the baseline scenario. The final variant scenario we explore is one of high inflation based loosely upon the experience of the first half of the s.

The abrupt slowing of the world economy in leads to a renewed bout of risk aversion on the part of investors and a rise in financial stress as bad loans at banks increase once more, damaging balance sheets and leading to a tightening of credit standards.

Doing this confirms that the recent strong rise in gold prices has been the result of a complex of short-run shock factors: Our comprehensive maintenance services include customized maintenance agreements. As a result, the key drivers of the price of gold in the equation are macro variables, such as economy-wide interest rates and financial stress, rather than micro level variables of supply and demand, such as the mine supply of gold. Lower risk investor here defined as with standard deviation of returns at 10, average at 15, higher risk at Lagan House, Sackville Street.


Big expansion of QE. Another common measure of stress is the spread between yields on low grade corporate bonds and highlyrated bonds e.

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But looking forward to the next few decades, the relative position of the US is likely to change as the geographical base for economic power shifts toward fast growing emerging economies, especially in Asia.

These allocations are efficient in the sense that they maximise compession for a given range of risks or minimise risk for a given set of returns, but the analysis is limited by the relatively small number of assets considered.

Given the competitive nature of the market these supply constraints can be expected to feed into the price and may result in the value of gold rising, in real terms, over time. This Free Writing Prospectus is being filed in reliance on Rule b. With regular maintenance, you get the compresson performance out of your compressor system and keep your system from needing repairs.

A final long-range factor that could boost gold is the path of the US dollar. For the long-run part of the equation we followed the academic literature and assumed that the gold price has an elasticity of one with respect to inflation in comoression long run, so that gold and the price level move together one-for-one over the very long maadison.

In addition, the fact that this analysis is carried out in real terms is positive for gold.

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Gold is also unusual among financial assets in not delivering a yield, e. Notably, gold did start to show some positive correlation with financial stress measures again in the early s, for example in the wake of the surge in credit spreads that accompanied the US recession and stock market slump in Air and Oil Filters.


The strengthening dollar also exercises a mild downward pull on gold prices. In the s and s, the heyday of the Bretton Woods fixed exchange rate system, central banks were generally significant net buyers of gold which formed a key part of their reserves.

However, historical analysis suggests gold could peak at levels even higher than the current ones, and both past experience and our estimated equation for the gold price also suggest that any ultimate adjustment from peak levels may not be rapid. Inflation remains relatively moderate in the major economies at These factors have led to a strong rise in gold prices and it might be expected that gold prices will tend to fall back in the years ahead.

The overall scale of the shock is similar to that seen in the wake of the Lehman Brothers failure in late Financial stress rises on economic uncertainty. The full results of these scenarios are presented in the following sections: Risk tolerance standard dev of returns. But this monetary tightening brings the economic recovery in the major economies to a halt in with US GDP stagnating and a mild recession in the eurozone.

Our scenario analysis using the Oxford Global Model shows that gold may perform especially strongly in more extreme economic scenarios featuring high inflation, a weak dollar and elevated levels of financial stress. When something goes wrong with your compressed air system, we’ll be there to fix it. Given the uncertainties facing the global economy, there must be a question mark against whether all other factors can be expected to remain constant.

We find that because of its lack of correlation with other financial assets, gold has a useful role to play in stabilising the value of a portfolio even if the conservative assumption of a modest negative real annual return is made. This document is for information purposes only.